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Fiction books include many different genres, but what they all have in common is creativity. This category includes timeworn myths and legends as well as the latest contemporary novels. Whether you’re looking for a breezy beach read or a substantial work of literary fiction, choose from short stories, graphic novels, novellas and novels from some of the world’s greatest writers. You’ll find all the classics from the likes of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen , George Orwell and Fyodor Dostoyevsky to give your home library a boost.

Explore the worlds created in fantasy and science fiction books, whether it’s the grim dystopia of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale or the ever-popular Harry Potter series from JK Rowling. Learn more about real-life historical events through the eyes of fictional characters in our selection of historical fiction books, or let yourself be swept away in a good romance novel. Keep on top of the latest bestsellers from contemporary authors. We have all the latest and greatest works from popular novelists like Liane Moriarty, Jacqueline Wilson and Dan Brown.